Madeleine Barchevska

You can rapidly improve your life, personal and professional, by clarifying the signals you send out to the world. This learning experience brings you to that ability.


Coaching and Intercultural Communications Training in English - Paris, FRANCE

Corporate Training

Outstanding ROI, Exceptional Added Value, Sustainable Growth for Teams and Individuals.
Wonder Flood BioArt Workshop

Special Training

Body/Movement, Acting, Music, Life Sciences, Sound & Set Design, Video Production, Entrepreneurship, and more.


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Madeleine Barchevska | Founding Director | BioArt Theatre Laboratories, Inc. | +33 6 18 98 95 20 | NFP 13-350 9783
www.bioarttheatrelaboratories.com fr.linkedin.com/in/madeleinebarchevska
Email: madeleine.bioart@gmail.com